Intelligent Polling System from Home

Stay home with Papilon!

At some point in the world, the economic crisis, war, civil disobedience and epidemic diseases spread, and it does not take long for large geographies to take effect. The fact that the problems cannot be kept within local borders means that the extent of the damage they will inflict will increase exponentially. The tangible effects of crises and the concerns they create affect and destroy not only economies and habits, but also the justice system that sustains societies and countries, and the procedures of law enforcement.




The pandemic, which requires a massive restriction of outdoor activities and a considerable reduction of interpersonal contact, makes it difficult for police and military forces to maintain order without disruption. Papilon produced the Smart #Home polling system to ensure there was no choice between justice and health. The system was designed to carry home polling of people released on condition of judicial control. Through polling from the smart house, persons can declare that they are staying within the geographical limits set by the judicial authority and have not attempted to escape from the House. In this way, the health of the citizens can be protected by avoiding the risk of heavy crowds and contact at polling centers.

It is designed as a smart polling system, mobile application and web application from home. The person who has a notification obligation to use the system is required to hold his face to the camera of the computer or mobile device he is using. SnapFace is able to safely perform facial recognition with vitality detection created as a result of Papilon’s purely indigenous research and development activities, capturing a facial image, comparing it to other faces registered in the data set and authenticating them in seconds. The location where the people perform the verification process is identified with the IP address and added to the identification information and sent to the system. That way, the polling process will be complete in a matter of minutes.