Intelligent Disaster and Emergency Management System

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Taking measures to reduce the damages that may be encountered by disaster and Emergency Management, and disaster and emergency situations to be prepared for an event that allows/disaster and emergency situation occurs when who intervene intelligently analyze data, and covers the process of returning to normal life is a set of applications and systems.



A more informed society and individuals grow as Papilon, preventable cases of companies, institutions and organizations to minimize losses of more effective disaster and emergency planning, to minimize the damage in case of disaster and Emergency, more effective coordination, judgment in emergency situations we aim to provide more agile.

Today, remote sensing technologies have become able to contribute to every stage of disaster and Emergency Management. The working principle of the system of public institutions or private companies in the building as the guests, staff, persons of interest previously recognized, exit the building and come back in case the poll and a possible fire, earthquake, disaster and emergency scenarios such as staying inside and the outside contacts when it detects. It makes appropriate notice.

With this management system, people must be logged into the system. A camera system is installed at every point where people can be found in and out of their buildings. People entering and leaving the building are introduced to the system.  Designed to minimize the loss of life in disaster and emergency scenarios, this technology quickly detects whether the people saved in the system are inside or outside with smart camera technology. When there is a person registered to the system in the frame of the camera, it is checked whether the person is inside or outside the building. At the same time, in disaster or emergency scenarios, how many people are in and out of the building is easily found through the system and the identities of the people can be identified.