Biometric Cloud System

 Your biometric data is safe under the cloud system without being recorded!

Cloud technology is widely used in both scientific and commercial events and by individual users. From a hardware infrastructure perspective, the cloud system helps overcome limitations in independent computing. For example, organizations do not need to invest significantly in computational processing and storage infrastructures, and they can scale or downsize incrementally as needed. This reduces cost, especially in terms of the supply of hardware and continuous maintenance, which is crucial for small and medium-sized organizations, and results in an entirely new ecosystem. Biometrics is a potentially attractive solution for providing ubiquitous authentication to cloud services.


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As Papilon, we offer our biometric Cloud System project to our customers. It is a system where the user’s biometric data is stored on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. In this system, the person’s biometric data is taken and digitized. The user’s biometric data is uploaded and stored into the cloud system as a unique vector value. When biometric data is matched, the user’s biometric data is compared with the numerical data that is held as a template. If it matches, it is confirmed by the cloud system. In this way, the user of the biometric data (face, finger, iris, palm) is stored on the cloud, and thus costly and time-consuming software acquisition and integration processes without reduced potential for fraudulent activities and customer service will be arranged. This project is open to use in every sector where biometrics are used.