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Robotics; Although it is the general name of a wide industry covered by mechatronics, machinery, electronics, software, computers, aerospace, aircraft and automotive engineering; They combine with machines, electronic sensors and software to create robotic products. Software robots have great potential to do repetitive, predictable work. Working behavior can be imitated with robotic process automation, which means that for businesses; The reduction of transaction costs ensures the quality and consistency of the processes.

Machine vision can be explained as the processing of images taken using sensors in a basic sense, by using various methods, and the techniques to extract meaning from the images taken in general in industrial areas. In general, when the mistakes are examined, it is a known fact that the causes of errors are human. For this reason, unmanned systems that will not make mistakes by disabling human, which is the most likely factor to make mistakes in controls, prevent unnecessary costs and save time.

With the introduction of computers into our lives, a human-computer interaction dimension was added to the human-human interaction. By focusing on the interface between the user and the computer, we observe the interaction of people with the computer and design different technologies and examine the interaction of people with these technologies. As human computer interaction researchers, we are working on new design methodologies, experimenting with different devices, producing models and theories.


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