Innovation continues to increase its appeal as it is the most important competitive factor in the information age. But every concept that is popular is sadly open to degeneration. As Papilon, we see a serious confusion of minds and meaning between innovation and other close concepts. Innovation is the transformation of new inventions or ideas into products or services, while encompassing R&D processes. Embracing innovation, Papilon works to generate knowledge and develop new products, services, technologies or systems. 

Companies and organizations will continue to waste their resources, potential and, most importantly, time unless they grasp the potential that research and development activities and innovation together create as a whole. Supporting innovative R&D activities under all circumstances, Papilon has project managers whose research and development team has the necessary competencies to successfully plan and manage the activities. Researchers at papilon; they like to work in a unique environment provided by the papilon research culture, which assesses curiosity, bravery, Innovation, Science, rigour and high impact with intelligent risks.

Knowing that digital transformation can be made possible through innovative research, our team is engaged in research and development for Focus Technologies such as multimedia processing, Intelligent Security, Cloud, Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics, Extended Reality (XR) in addition to existing biometrics identification technology studies. In addition, research that applies to the same methodological or business area, R&D studies to strengthen the study and its impact are shared and highlighted in the discussion forums of our website. These forums also serve to identify future research aspects and motivate audiences about studies.

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